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around here lately // 002

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^accurate depiction of life around here lately. 

as i was thumbing through my camera roll, compiling photos for this post, i realized that the last weeks worth of photos were all in black and white. first i laughed, then i thought about how appropriate it was. my life seems to be a little black and white at the moment. 


joe and our friend max scheming, er, "meeting" about their next film music project. no details yet, but it's gonna be a good one... i also wowed max with my ability to perfectly cook those place-and-bake pillsbury sugar cookies with the seasons on them. this time, they were easter bunnies and baby chicks. there's a fine art to these suckers, because they turn into little hockey pucks of death if you cook them just a minute too long... i'm a little obsessed with them. 


joe's cousin from philadelphia just recently got engaged (we're entering that season of life, folks.) and he and his fiancé flew out to california for a martone-visit. joe is just like me in the way that we both love showing off our city to the newbies. we took them to this awesome new bar called upstairs at the ace hotel and we had a serious blast. this gorgeous rooftop bar overlooks all of downtown LA and was perfect for an introduction to our philly friends. later that night, reggie watts and his crew showed up to celebrate what we later found out was his birthday. ha!


i have my recital jury tomorrow.


a recital jury is basically the string faculty deciding if you're prepared enough for your senior recital. i have to prepare 60-mins of music with no intermission and it all has to be excellent. my body is tired but my mind is ready... i think...

joe also has a big weekend ahead full of music. it's been practice central at our place this week. 


a very exciting little part of my recital will be what i'm calling phantasia, arranged by my dear friend ryan. without giving too much away, i'm anticipating that it'll be the most exciting part of the recital, or at least the biggest crowd-pleaser. 

and to top it all off, this weekend is the csun symphony's performance of fantasia live to picture in the valley performing arts center. yes, i'm working on both phantasia and fantasia simultaneously. and yes, it is a little confusing.

please excuse me for the next month as i prepare for my senior recital and graduation. this blog may go a little quiet, but not for lack of material. time is my enemy lately and i cannot wait to have more of it. 

happy hump day, ya camels.