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stitchfix // 003

Added on by Jordan Martone.

this fix was all kinds of right in all the wrong sizes. *sigh* 


i was incredibly tempted to buy this white tank. i loved the high neck and comfortable fabric, but the arm holes were much too large. arm holes will be the death of me, people. if i had a nickel for every great shirt i wanted to buy that fit everywhere but my underarms, i'd own the red violin. 

i've decided i need a kimono in my life, just not this one. i've discovered that i'm just not into color. i like black. i like gray. i like white. it's what i like and it's not a crime. now the search begins for a kimono with less color.  

these green chinos rocked my world, but, you guessed it, they were too big… the cut was to die for, so i'm sad that i cannot bring these babies into my life. 

and, i received my first stitchfix accessory! too bad my kate has taken up all the love in my heart and left no room for another purse.  

i hope your march was warm and wacky like mine. oh, and in case you didn't hear, i passed my recital jury! oh, sweet relief! april holds a lot in store as i prepare for my recital and graduation.

thanks for reading along!