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i'm a little late on finishing this blog post because this week has been nuts and what is free time?!  but here is a small blurb about what was easily the most time-consuming recording session i've ever had. this project called "tantamount" has been a long time coming. it originally started with a one-and-done session to film and record a video that went up on youtube and a kickstarter page. this project, consisting of an entire album of rock songs arranged for orchestra, was finally funded and hey, we did the thing! 


after three, 3-hour recording sessions and one video session and giving up two of my weekends, the album has been recorded and is now in the mixing stage. feel free to watch the original video here. i'm excited to hear the final product. i have a solo, people! 

also, remember the john daversa album that joe and i played on? it just got fully funded as well! that means jazzy, beatles-y goodness is on its way. 

hope your monday is not too harsh. i have high hopes for mine, even though i was just informed 5 days ago that i'm playing concertmaster today (for the CSUN symphony), which means i need to be able to play all the music from disney's fantasia perfect now. ha! funny one, professor...