the stories of a los angeles violinist


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my sister is an actress. my sister is a vocalist. my sister is a dancer. my sister is a lot of wonderful things that, when combined together into one human body, don't seem genetically fair. last week, i accompanied her on an audition. she goes on several auditions every week. some are for tv, some are for film, some are for commercials, some are for disney, some are for nickelodeon... etc. the nature of these auditions is that you go on hundreds of auditions and actually land only a fraction of the jobs. you go on so many auditions and never expect to get the gig so that when you do actually get the call, it's a pleasant surprise. kenna has had a couple commercial jobs now and a couple voiceovers (or something). it's all equal parts confusing and fascinating. 

kenna has this outlook on life that inspires me. she is incredibly optimistic (i am not) which is the only way to survive the business she is in. she and my mom spend hours driving to and from calls in the most awful LA traffic and until last week, it didn't occur to me precisely why they could stand it. i would rather have a tooth pulled out than be stuck on the north-bound 405 at 5pm, but kenna doesn't bat an eye. because she's just happy to be here. she's happy to be in LA, having experiences, learning new things, seeing new places, meeting new faces (i didn't mean to rhyme)... and she loves every minute of it. 

when i first moved to LA, i was just like that. i didn't care if i was stuck in traffic in LA, because i was stuck in traffic in LA. i didn't mind that hollywood blvd was closed, because that meant that i was going to get to drive by a movie premiere. i didn't care that i had a long commute, because i was going somewhere


^ this was the view from the 12th floor of the building where kenna's audition was held. i took one look out the window and gasped. i had a moment. i'd never seen LA from this point of view, and my favorite part of LA for that matter. echo park with downtown in the background. *swoon*

thank you, kenna for reminding me why i came here in the first place. why i sit through the traffic, pay way too much for street parking, and put up with drivers who don't think "right lane ends, merge left" applies to them. i love this city because it represents my hard work and achievements. i can drive through burbank on the way to get my bow re-haired, and pass nickelodeon and cartoon network on the way. i can pass the music center in downtown and remember when i played the dorothy chandler with john williams. i can work a movie premiere event at LA live and remember when i watched joe on american idol before we even started dating. this city is tough and it'll chew you up and spit you out. it's not for everyone. it's for the toughies. the ones who know that the hard work they're putting in now will most certainly come to fruition later. it's for those who get excited about just having breakfast with a violinist who is recording on the latest jurassic park movie, across the street from sony, all the while dreaming about when you get the call for the next big blockbuster. it's for those who can handle going to all the auditions and never getting the call, because the best call is right around the corner, and it's waiting for you.