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stitchfix // 004

Added on by Jordan Martone.

stitchfix number four was focused on honeymoon pieces. i want a couple light, soft, flirty pieces i can wear to dinner or throw over my swimsuit on the way to the beach. 

btw, we're honeymooning in the caribbean -> the dominican republic -> punta cana. (because when you say "we're honeymooning in punta cana!", people don't know what you're talking about. when you say "dominican republic", people give you a funny look. but when you say "the caribbean", people finally start to understand.) 


this skirt was adorable. the fit and style was great, but i don't really see myself wearing this. it doesn't scream jordan to me. 


this dress would be perfect for my mother if she was the one going on this honeymoon. but alas, she is not, and i am.


this dress was quite cute but too... amish. amish was the word joe and i both settled on. without the sleeves, i think it would've been perfect.  


my stylist, katherine, paired this dress with a very elaborate, colorful necklace. i found it fascinating, but impractical for my life. i'd never wear the thing. it would buzz if i played violin with it on and i'm just not huge into big jewelry anyways.  

so, i did not purchase anything from this fix, but i thoroughly enjoyed it. i love coming home to a pretty white and teal box at my doorstep and realizing "i have clothes to try on!" it's seriously fun. 

i'm not sure why i never thought to add the referral link here for anyone who is interested in trying stitchfix! if you start your first fix by using this link here, i get a referral credit. so, hey! there's that. 

and yes, i chopped off all my hair, and no, i don't like it. apparently you need to be more specific than "just a trim" because hairdressers think that means 4 inches. *sigh*

happy fixing! and please feel free to "like" or leave comments below. thanks!