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this is a happy birthday blurb to my fiancé. i like to celebrate him with fun facts:


joe loves popcorn and orange juice together

joe loves the flash on the cw and eagerly anticipates each new episode as if it's christmas 

joe says plaaaaaza instead of plahhhhza

joe has a fanclub made up of middle school girls. i've heard rumor that there is actually a facebook page dedicated to joe-related, teenage gossip. 

joe loves jimmy fallon almost as much as he loves me… maybe more…  

joe has been on american idol and the voice but still freaks out when he can see his hand on the jumbotron at a lakers game.  

joe has ordered the same flavor smoothie at jamba juice his entire life. orange berry blitz apparently never gets old…  

joe owns the timpani that played on finding nemo 

joe buys dark-colored clothing exclusively so he only has to do one load of laundry. 

joe loves the movie midnight in paris 

joe is the most patient, hard working, and attractive man i know

joe and i used to dream together about getting married at age 25 & 22. now it's really happening, 3-years later.  


i can't wait to marry this birthday boy in 99 days.

i love you, hunk.