the stories of a los angeles violinist


Added on by Jordan Martone.

every once in a while, you get to play pretty rad concerts. this year's pretty rad concert award goes out to the CSUN symphony's disney fantasia live in concert performance. it was one of those rare musical experiences where i felt like the orchestra as a whole worked their hardest and really showed the audience what we were capable of. 


since this was a disney concert, there were a lot of supervised rehearsals and there was a lot of publicity surrounding this event. for example, my mom went to see cinderella at the ahmanson in downtown, opened up the playbill and bam! there was our fantasia ad. the performance was at the beautiful valley performing arts center, which was sold out. every single seat was filled, and there were absolutely no tickets available at the box office. i have personally never played to such a large, sold out venue before. i think i speak for the whole orchestra when i say that we were elated. 


oh, and i got to play concertmaster! somehow i've been concertmaster for the past two film music concerts at CSUN, which is perfect, because that's where my passion is. film music just has the most special of all places in my heart. it speaks to me in a way that lets me know that this is my thing, ya know? in the same way that i freakishly knew that i was going to be a professional violinist at age 7, i know now that film music is my calling, my thing


tip to musicians who may be playing this music in the future: it is difficult music. it is advised to periodically remind yourself that you're accompanying dancing hippos. 

congrats to all of my fellow musicians. it was an honor to be concertmaster and to play alongside so many hardworking, talented individuals.