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recital snapshots

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i thought i'd share some snapshots from my recital, as seen through the eyes of the audience.

yes, i stole these from the internet.

i have incredibly supports friends and family members. my recital was a look at who i am as a person and as a musician, as i think a recital should be. the first half of my program was all my classical rep, the stuff that i've primarily worked on here at school with my private teacher. the second half of my program was film and celtic music, the stuff i like to play the most. 

i came to CSUN as a little girl that just wanted to play film music, not realizing that the classical stuff was imperative to putting me on that path. i never would've guessed that i would spend the majority of my 4-years here working on freaking mozart and bach, but life has a way of surprising you, i guess. 

it was never so apparent to me that i was not born to be a classical solo violinist. 

it's funny how things that are meant to be have a way of slapping you in the face... i gave the classical side of my recital much more time and attention while preparing and somehow, the film side soared much higher. my phantom of the opera duet was definitely the hit of the recital (primarily because it's a crowd pleaser) but i think the fact that i absolutely love that music and feel quite passionately about it had a lot to do with it.

thank you to everyone who came to support me. it meant the world that people would actually come to hear me play the violin all by myself. 



*recordings are on their way!