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the time has come, the last final has been taken, the last classes have been attended, my red and white tassel has been purchased, i cleaned out my violin locker, i'm ready to graduate.

*all my apple devices keep wanting to autocorrect tassel to hassle?!?*

the picture below is my official graduation picture. i chose to not walk at graduation this year, which i discovered is a very unpopular decision amongst my peers. for me, it was a no-brainer. i had my senior recital just 3 weeks ago, and all my close friends and family came down from all areas of california to support me. to ask my family to do that again, not a month later to see a little speck of a person walk across a stage amongst a sea of other graduates and grumpy parents, seemed ridiculous. also, graduations at CSUN are notoriously sweltering. even though my department would walk at 8am, the ceremony takes a little over 2 hours, and by 10am, it's already 90-degrees. i don't want to sit through that in my black-trashbag and i don't want to put my family through that either.

it would make me much happier to meet up over the weekend and get a celebratory wet burrito.

*fun fact: joe was planning to walk at his graduation but he got called to play on american idol for that year's winner, phillip phillips. a huge gig that he still gets royalty checks from 3-years later. so, he didn't end up walking. ha!


i was driving past campus the other night and i realized that it was one of the last times i would drive past the iconic CSUN noodle art. i remember seeing it the first time i came to CSUN, for my college audition as a senior in high school. i was terrified of such a big campus, but i found it to feel surprisingly homey. i had this weird thing about touring colleges where i knew within 5 minutes of setting foot on the campus if it was the right place for me or not. long beach? that was an overwhelming "no". i can't explain it much other than just knowing that i was not meant to be there. but, CSUN spoke to me. and even though i thought i was destined for the colburn school, i know now that CSUN suited me perfectly. if it wasn't for CSUN, i wouldn't have studied with professor ferril, i wouldn't have made the extraordinary connections i have now, i wouldn't have performed with the debut orchestra and john williams, i wouldn't have recorded on john daversa's newest big band album, and most importantly, i wouldn't have met joe. 

i'm closing this chapter of my life: jordan the student, and turning to a new page: jordan the wife and violinist.

oh, and did i mention that i finished college on my 22nd birthday? 

best. birthday. gift. ever.