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showered twice

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not many brides get the opportunity to be showered twice. i'm lucky that i have so many supportive ladies in my life that wanted to celebrate this time with me. this shower was held at my mom's home in lancaster. (the desert)


we had a grown-up tea party. let me tell you about tea parties:

in case you haven't noticed my past birthday posts (here and here) i love tea parties with people i love. i love the delicate finger sandwiches and bite-sized sweets with a warm drink in a dainty teacup. it makes me feel like a lady and i love that. so, when my mom suggested that we have an adult garden-tea party in the backyard, complete with fine china and mimosas (untraditional to tea, but what the hey...) i squealed. really, i squealed a little. 


i'm not sure if you know but, aside from my sister being a talented actress and wonderful human being, she is an excellent baker. her homemade macarons are to-die-for. she and my mom took it upon themselves to make all these little goodies for the party:


chocolate macaron cookies with raspberry buttercream

white chocolate cups with blueberry mousse

teacup-shaped, jelly-filled sugar cookies

raspberry lemon tarts

tropical fruit tarts

pizzelle cookies made by joe's mama

and an assortment of finger sandwiches

i think tea parties nowadays are quite an anomaly. no one throws tea parties anymore. maybe they're uncool. maybe they're too much effort. maybe no one likes tea. all i know is that there are an elite few out there that still treasure the art of a good tea party, and they should be commended. we should start a club or something. the "national badass women's tea party association for the properly inclined". i think that's appropriate.


baylie, the pup, was in heaven. it was a warm day (a little sticky but not too bad in the shade.) and she just loved sitting in the sun and being with the ladies. she's an attention pup, that one. apple doesn't fall far from the... 


a blonde, a brunette, and a red-head threw a tea party...

but mostly them, not me. really, they did a lot of work and planning. i appreciate my mom and sister tremendously. especially since they threw this whole shipoopi together while in miami for babykenna's new top secret job... (more on that later), and on top of a complete kitchen remodel... (shout out to my dad.) 

i'm feeling showered and loved and supported. thank you to the strong women in my life. you all inspire and encourage me in the most empowering way.  

now, wife me, yo!