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stitchfix // 006

Added on by Jordan Martone.

a more successful fix has come! this time around, my stylist listened to my plea for basics and helped me out. what can i say? this girl loves her minimalism!

 shea striped french terry dress

shea striped french terry dress

this dress was a winner. i actually purchased it! (with a gift card from sheryl, barb, and jill. thank you!) i figured it would be perfect to throw on over a swim suit for the honeymoon or just a great, quick outfit for running around town in. 


looking back at these photos, this pose makes this shirt look much more flattering than it actually is... this thing made me look like a tent. what happens when you put a triangular-shaped shirt on a "top-heavy" body type is you look 13847501384x larger than you are. couldn't say yes to this one.


i cringe just looking at this one. i'm not one for cloud-camo-whatever-the-hell-it-is print. also, another tent-shirt. 

but these jeans! i almost purchased them except for the fact that i didn't feel like dropping $98 on a clothing item when i need to be saving that for wedding mumbo-jumbo. they would've been great black gig jeans!


this pendant was quite cute on it's own, but much too large for my little frame to pull off. do any of my other petite sisters out there have this problem too? that we cannot pull off chunky jewelry? i look like i'm trying to wear my mama's necklace. silly...

in a stroke of bad luck... i don't have the names for all of these items... in the flurry of boxes coming and going at the apartment right now (bridal shower/wedding gifts everywhere) i must have tossed the paper that listed each item... lesson learned...


*weekend update* the whyman project is going on tour! keep up with us at our website here. the competition that we won way back at the 2014 beverly hills auditions is finally coming to fruition. we've practiced hard and are ready for this weekend of music. 

also, i got a snapchat? i'm still not sure how i feel about it, but if you want to follow this weekend's adventures, my username is jslo5. 

happy weekend!