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wedding week

Added on by Jordan Martone.

it's wedding week! it's here! 2 days until i become a martone! 3 more days until i don't have to correct the ladies at the bank, "yes, s-l-o-c-u-m, slocum. no, not slocun, slo-cum. c-u-m. yes, that's my name, alright?!"

it's been non-stop over here. lots of work and travel and getting all the nit-picky things done. i've filled baggies with wedding rice, wrapped gifts, signed thank-you notes, done all my laundry, cleaned my apartment, packed my bags, painted signs, made tags, made phone calls, paid the piper, and more. 


on monday, i spent the day at the martone's house, learning how to make traditional martone meatballs and italian pizzelle cookies. this was hands-down the most wedding-week-y type thing to do and i had an absolute blast. joe's grandma sperduto (think of a more italian name, i dare you.) gifted us with a pizzelle iron as our wedding gift. it is too exciting! there's nothing that makes you feel more like you're in the family than learning tricks of the trade from the family members themselves. maryanne taught what meatballs are supposed to smell like, anna taught me how to make the best looking cookies, i ate it all up. 


i painted all of these signs. and more. instead of having something typed up, i wanted to add my own personal touch to the wedding by making my own signs for everything. a very laborious and time-intensive task, but rewarding. they came out better than expected. 

it's hard to believe that wedding day is almost here. as the grinch would say, "tomorrow is christmas! it's practically here!" replace christmas with wedding and that's how i feel. 

i have one more planned post for wedding day, but then i will be taking a short blog hiatus as we honeymoon. (i think you'll all understand) also, we're not sure what internet and cell service will be like while we're in punta cana. for me, personally, i've never been out of the country (unless you count tijuana, mexico before you needed a passport.) and i've barely travelled, so i'm pretty much as excited as a tourist on hollywood blvd taking a picture with creepy elmo. 

happy almost weekend! i hope you're not melting and i hope you're eating all the otter pops.