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wedding day

Added on by Jordan Martone.

dear joe,

today is our wedding day!

i'm amazed that after over a year of engagement, it's finally here! this is the day i've been praying and dreaming about since i was a little girl. who knew that the two kids in those photos would end up finding each other, and that we were destined for this all along. 

i remember you stopping me in the hallway at school to tell me you thought i was "cute". i remember attending your senior recital, in awe of your talent and confidence. i remember the first time you told me you love me. i remember our summers spent having "LA days". i remember you being there for me during the hardest times of my life. i would not be the person i am today without you by my side. i know that i can handle anything in life as long as i'm with you.

i promise to respect you and love you better each day. i want to be by your side for every adventure and bump in the road. growing old has never sounded sweeter.

i love you, joe. 

let's do this.  

- jordan ann