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hello world! happy monday! i hope your weekend was relaxing and rejuvenating and that this monday isn't too harsh. 

so, i sorta have a little announcement to make. after much thought and many pro & con lists, i've finally decided to dive into this ridiculous world of vlogging. 

i know what you're thinking, "oh, great..." 

i used to think that vlogging was super weird. the idea that someone is talking to a blank camera, but basically they're just talking to themselves, is a silly thought. but i've been practicing. (yes, practicing!) and it's becoming more and more comfortable and less and less weird. plus, i started watching a few bloggers who are really inspiring and my mind has been reluctantly changed.

the idea behind this whole new adventure is that it hopefully adds another layer to this blog. i love blogging and will continue to blog in addition to vlogging, (i sound ridiculous inside my own head right now) but now there will be a weekly walking and talking jordan face for you to watch if you so choose. joe's face will be here too. we like joe.

so, please internet, be kind. here is weekly vlog #1! feel free to like, comment, share, whatever you feel compelled to do. enjoy!