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parmesan mac 'n cheese

Added on by Jordan Martone.

happy weekend! i'm coming at ya with a recipe. what?! I know! so weird! 

this crazy thing happened when i got married: i got an absurd amount of kitchen things. so now i cook a lot. i discovered i enjoy cooking and i like eating good food, so this is a win-win sitch.

this recipe is for parmesan mac 'n cheese. i made this up all on my own and i am by no means, an expert cook. i just do this for fun. one day i was looking around in my fridge for a quick and easy meal to make that didn't require me having to go to the grocery store or use many ingredients. all i had was parmesan cheese and pasta and i quickly came up with this idea: 

serving size: 2

for pasta-

half a box of mini shells pasta

6 cups of water


for sauce-

1/2 tablespoon of butter

1 tablespoon of flour

1 1/2 cup of milk

1 1/2 cup of grated parmesan cheese

pinch of cayenne pepper

salt and black pepper to taste


i first start by bringing the 8 cups of water to a boil in a medium size pot. 

salt the water as it's heating up

add the pasta and cook until "al dente" or for about 7-9 minutes 


while the pasta is cooking, start on the parmesan sauce

melt the butter on low-medium heat

add the flour and toast for about a minute


then add the milk, still on low-medium heat, whisking constantly so it doesn't curdle


after the milk and flour mixture have been evenly whisked and melted together, add the parmesan cheese little by little, making sure to melt it all.


to finish off the sauce, add a pinch of cayenne, the black pepper and salt to taste.


back to the pasta,

once it is cooked "al dente", drain it but do not rinse, and you're ready to serve it up!


pro tip: it is always advised that you wear a super cute apron of your choice while cooking and that you cook to some great music. my recommendation is the julie and julia soundtrack. fun, french, romantic, and very happy. 

i hope this inspires some of you to cook a delicious meal. maybe even this one! please let me know in the comments if you do decide to make this recipe. (and thanks to anna for the idea ;)