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around here lately // 007

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hey! it's been a while since i've done an "around here lately post" and they happen to be my favorite kind to write up, so it's time! disclaimer: i tried to get this post up earlier this week, but freaking squarespace's mobile app has been malfunctioning and losing all my drafts... it made for a very frustrating week for blogging. 

but alas! here we are!


so, as many of you know, i've been playing a run of fiddler on the roof (6-weeks... woof. or should i say #fiddleronthewoof) and it's been consuming my life. luckily, today starts the 3rd weekend of shows, so i'm already halfway there. the above photos are examples of how ridiculous the end of act 1 can get. if you don't know the show, a cast member rips open a pillow full of real down feathers and dumps it all over the stage. one night, he actually threw it towards the pit and hit me in the head... i was not amused. 

and i've adopted the pit-black-comfy-chic look since playing a 3+ hour show is exhausting and it's no time to be wearing uncomfortable clothes, especially when you're in the pit and no one can really see you anyways. i used to have brown slippers like these when i was in high school. i wore them with everything. i thought i was so cool...

found this on one of our evening walks around the neighborhood...

joe has been running avidly, nearly every day, which is incredibly inspiring to me. he runs about 3.5 miles each day and i can't even run around the block without keeling over. i'm determined to get stronger in this area of my life. living with superman helps.

framed photos are up! again, shout out to ryan doyle photography for being an all around badass. joe actually chose these photos (i love his strong opinions) and used old frames we had lying around. we just used apple's photo print services. 

i played on a crazy album of '90's rock songs re-arranged for orchestra called tantamount and the music videos are finally coming out. we were featured in many nerdy online articles here, here, and here. i loved this shot they caught of me and my kono violin. 

joe's typical day lately looks like this:

-eat frosted flakes

-teach at schools

-jamba juice for lunch

-teach private students

-eat whatever jordan cooked for dinner even if her tomato soup had too much cayenne in it.

-record from home

-watch the tonight show 

he has been hard at work recording for a new indie video game called xantara for composer nathan drube who's currently located in boston. joe loves projects where he gets to have free reign on using whatever instruments he wants. he loves african/latin/world percussion the most and it's really apparent where his passions lie when he gets these kinds of opportunities. when joe's recording, i usually go upstairs and binge-watch blacklist with headphones in, because cymbal swells and ocean drums can make a person crazy after a while.

and that's been around here lately! i'm looking forward to the upcoming week or two because my sister is finally coming home. this is not a joke. she's finally nearing the end of shooting season 1 of her show and they're beginning to wrap it up, which means she and my mom are moving back to LA again. (if you're interested in seeing some promos for her goofy kid's show, called wits academy, you can see content here.)

have a great weekend!