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during college, i became a blog-reader. it was the beginning of a passionate love affair with lifestyle blogs and i didn't even realize where this addiction would lead to. i started discovering blogs thanks to my cousin alissa (hey, you!) who turned me on to heynataliejean. i quickly realized that i could read blogs on my iPad in the middle of boring college classes and it wasn't as distracting as playing an iPad game or texting in class. (i'm a terrible student. don't follow my bad example.) 

then, thanks to one blogger-gone-vlogger, i expanded my interests to youtube. now, it's to the point where joe and i start every morning with a cup of coffee (or for joe, a bowl of cereal) and we catch up on our daily vloggers.

i thought i'd share my favorite bloggers and vloggers in a post in case anyone else is interested. i pull a lot of inspiration for my own blog/vlog from these guys.

1. bekah stewart- lifestyle blogger-

bekah is a down-home, genuine hipster mom who lives on a farm in tennessee. she is a single mom of 2 bleach-blonde little boys and makes a living as a seamstress. she makes curtains, upholstery, pillows, etc. from home and keeps her own bigcartel shop of her own designs at awelltraveledbrand.bigcartel.commuch to my dismay, she hasn't been bloggin much lately, but when she does, i thoroughly enjoy hearing about her adventures.

2. oana befort- art blogger-

oana (pronounced "wanna") is a gorgeous artist who lives in romania with her husband and 2 kids. her work can be seen on trader joe's greeting cards and many other online artistic platforms. she blogs about her life as a mother and as a watercolor artist. she also has her own etsy shop where she sells her own artwork. 

3. natalie holbrook- lifestyle blogger-

hands down, my all-time favorite blogger. natalie has lived in NYC for the past several years with her tax attorney husband and baby boy named huck. her eccentric dialogue and funky personal style is what keeps me reading, not to mention the adorable antics of her 4-year old. reading about someone's life in the big city has always interested me, and she writes about it as if it's a love letter to NY. however, she recently moved to idaho and the blog is now very different. still just as awesome as before, natalie's take on her new surroundings keeps me reading and laughing.


4. esteé lalonde- beauty and lifestyle blogger and vlogger- esteélalonde, and everyday esteé

oh, esteé. my love affair with this girl is real. esteé is a canadian beauty blogger and vlogger that lives in london with her boyfriend, aslan. (yes, like narnia.) her life is so chic and trendy and even though i don't care for the beauty blogger movement right now, i enjoy every word out of this girl's mouth. she's the most personal and relatable vlogger i've ever come across. she has a main channel all about beauty and a vlog channel all about her lifestyle. i would die to meet this girl someday.

5. benji and judy travis- beauty and daily vlogger- itsjudyslife

benji and judy are daily vloggers who live in seattle, washington. they vlog every. single. day. they also have 3 baby girls: a 2-year old, and 1-year old twins. now, let's get real... i don't love watching benji and judy as much as i love watching their babies. the amazing thing about this vlog is that you get to watch these little girls grow up, as if you're watching someone else's home videos. they live a very typical suburban family lifestyle, but what these little girls do on the daily is what keeps me watching. 

6. zoe sugg- beauty vlogger- zoella

zoe, or as the internet calls her, "zoella", is a british beauty enthusiast and vlogger. she's britain's most popular youtube sensation (or something like that) and she's absolutely huge over there. she has her own line of beauty products and has even wrote a couple books. again, i don't care for the beauty stuff very much, but i can't help but listen to every word she says, because of her adorable accent. she sounds and looks like the british barbie doll of my dreams. pint-sized and beautiful, zoe lives in the brighton countryside with her boyfriend, alfie, and their baby pug, nala. 

7. casey neistat- daily vlogger- caseyneistat

lastly, casey neistat. casey is an extreme daily vlogger. by extreme, i mean he's an independent film maker-turned youtuber that uses top-of-the-line equipment to share about his life in NYC. he is the creator of the new social media app beme and he shares about his adventures with his business and his family. this is joe's favorite vlog to watch (he was the one who discovered it a few months ago.) and he forbids me to watch it without him. it has become our go-to morning activity, watching "casey vlogs".



hope you check out these people and find some inspiration like joe and i do. let me know in the comments below if you follow any blogs/vlogs that you think i need to check out.

happy viewing!