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around here lately // 010

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you know what's frustrating? when squarespace and safari suddenly decide they're not compatible and they refuse to work for you when you need them most. 

this is the blog post that never came...

first, a moment of congratulations for my sister, kenna, on graduating high school early!! this little lightbulb of a person had been doing high school through an online school in order to make time for her ever-changing performing career. and she managed to graduate early with a 4.-something and the highest SAT score in our family. oy. great job, ken. i love you and i'm incredibly proud of you. let's party!

also, my brother, the computer scientist whose job i will never explain well enough, got asked to speak at a tech conference in san francisco about some research he worked on in the past year. super cool and super above my head.

sibling update: over and out.

downtown LA midday. my favorite.

it's no secret that joe loves frank sinatra, and it's no secret that i like italian men. we, along with our friend ryan (yes, i realize we have multiple ryan friends. it's confusing for us too.) went to the frank sinatra exhibit at the grammy museum, celebrating his 100th birthday. 

it was a minor disappointment.

would not recommend.

but it's really funny seeing a museum dedicated to the grammys that features faux recording booths and has electric instruments to play on.

AKA my life.

tell me about it, stud...

btw, i will not be watching grease live. no thank you.

and is this not the most rad building-art advertisement you've ever seen?! i love you, downtown. i love your high-priced, fancy restaurants and ridiculous parking situations. i love the tall buildings and the businessmen running to and fro in suits, sweating their asses off cuz it's 80 degrees outside. this place reminds me the most of new york. i miss new york. i get emotional about the dreamy summer i had in new york...

oh, hey! i was also "in" an episode of chicago med last month that i just recently learned about. a while back, i got a call from a composer friend of mine who needed a recording of the bach double concerto for 2 violins. i quickly whipped it out in our home studio (joe recorded me) and we sent it off. 2 months later, i learn that it was picked up and used in an episode! here's the link to see for yourself: 

and that's been another around here lately post.

happy weekend! it's supposed to rain here tomorrow. cross your fingers that it's cold enough that i can turn on my fireplace and snuggle up to write a few more blog posts... a girl can dream...