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new york with my love: part 2

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i smashed the rest of our trip into this blog post. it's a long one. grab a coffee. and a blanket. a fuzzy white blanket. and a banana. or a danish. yeah, a danish sounds great right now...

on our 3rd day in the city, i dragged my husband to the butcher's daughter. joe hates super healthy food places that basically only serve coffee and fruit, two things he could care less about. but he was a good sport, cuz he could tell i was in my element. i had the baguette with homemade nutella, jam, and fruit. joe had the banana bread which he later admitted was delicious. 

what's funny is that the last time i was at this restaurant, i was with my bff laura and a french waiter asked me for my number. i had an engagement ring on my finger. he didn't care. 

i think little italy was one of our favorite moments of the trip. it was the longest amount of time i had actually ever spent in this part of town and i fell more in love with it. we stumbled into an amazing italian food shop that smelled like cured meats and cheeses and my heart just burst!

but my favorite part was the most gigantic christmas ornament store i've ever seen! i could've spent hours in there between the sparkly ornaments and the jingly music. if only my mom had been there...

then, of course, we stopped by lombardi's for the best pizza in little italy, and ferrara's to get me a cannoli. i love cannoli like a good little not-italian girl should. 

trinity church is the coolest and the spookiest.

we were on fallon!

this is me giving sting (yes, sting!) the eye. he was looking miiiiighty fine after all these years. my mother was dying inside. 

if you read our last tonight show experience (here) then you know it was slightly disappointing. this time, we walked into the room to be seated, and were directed to the very front row... i looked at the usher and thought "this better not be a repeat of last time..." and luckily, it was not. we had an amazing view of jimmy, the band, sting, kate mckinnon, and our overall experience was awesome

afterwards, i bought my sister some parks and rec pencils in the NBC store cuz they were hilarious and i knew she would die. 

she did.

i mean... i played the show for 6 straight weeks this time last year... i had to!

and thank you, little crevice in the wall, for pretending to be my violin bow. that coincidence was perfect. 

*not pictured: we saw phantom! joe's played the musical, i've been obsessed with it since my childhood, but we've never seen the show. so, where better than the cheap seats in NY? we both loved it, naturally. afterwards, we went to some dive bar across the street and met an old irishman who turned out to be incredibly friendly and sweet. we learned that we was a construction supervisor and had built many of the new buildings in the city. he lives in jersey and commutes by bus to work on the island every day, he loves soccer, and he loves to play the accordion. he bought us three rounds and we talked for hours, laughing and joking. he was a little piece of new york magic. i half expected that he would disappear as soon as i turned by back. 

then we took the train from penn station to philadelphia. joe's cousin got married just outside of philly, and i had never been there, so we decided to plan it into our trip. we stayed at a wonderful hotel in the middle of the city, close to old town. it poured rain. i loved every minute. 

we saw independence hall, the liberty bell, benjamin franklin's grave, etc. joe could die happy there, the history nut that he is. pro tip: tour old town when it's raining... no. one. around. 

the next day, we were joined by joe's parents, who had flown out for the wedding. that's my father-in-law at the top of the rocky stairs. despite the cold, stormy weather, it was a dreamy couple days. 

then, the finale of the trip, and the whole reason we even flew to the east coast: lauren & greg got married!

greg is joe's cousin, one of his closest cousins, and he married a beautiful girl that we all love. they married at Villanova university in a tradition catholic ceremony (something i'd never experienced before) on a dreary, yet gorgeous day. we danced the night away with family and friends and i'm so excited for their future together!


the funny thing about new york, is that in its ever-changing hustle and bustle, it still manages to stay the same. i stepped out of JFK and into the city like, "home hasn't changed a bit." which is crazy. i'm not sure how the magic of this city manages to continue, but it does. 

i love you, NYC. we may be back sooner than we think...