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childhood halloween

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i don't know about you, but i'm not a huge halloween person. call me crazy, but i just don't understand it. i don't like haunted houses and scary mazes. i don't enjoy dressing up when there's no theme (thanks, mom), and i've never been interested in being a slutty bumble bee. 

i was thumbing through my phone and found these oldie-but-goodies from my childhood halloweens past, so i thought i'd share. they're just too good. 


this photo was taken at the front door of our oregon house. yes, we lived in oregon for a hot second. that's where my little sister was born. i have lots of memories from this little yellow house on the corner of morton street. one of my vivid memories was the moment this picture was taken. carter, my brother, was the cutest little red crayola crayon you've ever seen, but he absolutely hated the cone-shaped hat. me, being the controlling big sister that i was, continued to place his hat back on his head after he would throw it to the floor in frustration. i remember thinking, "he doesn't look like a crayon with out the hat! why doesn't he understand?! i have to wear this highly uncomfortable halo and you don't see me complaining!" that halo was the crush-your-brain kind of headband, but it was battery operated to light-up, so i stuck it out. 


fast forward to 2002... i think. this was taken outside the front door of my parent's current home in lancaster, california. i remember twiddling my thumbs for weeks before halloween that year, not committing to a costume, so my mom stuck me in this fairy-golden-princess getup at the last minute. she curled my hair and teased it out and i remember hating every minute of it. mostly, the costume was incredibly itchy, and i didn't understand the hair at all. but i got to wear a little blush and mascara, so again, i stuck with it. my little sister was in ballet classes at this time in her life, so her costume was functional and very comfortable for her. i remember being incredibly jealous. come to think of it, i don't know how we're all smiling so well... dad must've done something funny behind the camera, because we were all genuinely stressed that evening. ohhhhh childhood...


fast forward to today, i'm a violin/strings teacher at 6 different schools and i get to experience childhood halloween through the eyes of my students. (these are three of my favs ^ ) a gumball machine, a marionette, and a panda-unicorn. it was halloween dress up day for a couple of my schools but not others, so i wore a very neutral costume: black leggings, comfy gray sweater, ravenclaw scarf, and i brought my wand for conducting :) i was a major hit!

nowadays, i like to spend my halloweens curled up on the couch watching alfred hitchcock films and nursing a bowl of candy with a mixed drink in my hand. but this year we got invited to a couple of parties, so hey! look at me being social! joe and i are going as mr & mrs smith this year, post-house explosion. (check instagram tonight for the final result.)

i hope your halloweens are enjoyable, however you celebrate them.