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new york with my love: part 1

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hello there! long time no blog! september was kind of a whirl wind month for me. i started teaching my schools again and life is just starting to find it's groove. 

joe and i just got back from a week-long adventure to the east coast! joe's cousin got married in philadelphia, pennsylvania and we decided to attend and make a trip out of it for our belated one-year anniversary gift to each other. first stop: new york city!

(this is just from our first day in the city. more posts are coming ;)


we stayed at a wonderful little hotel called the row right off of times square. it was close to everything we wanted to do and reasonably priced (for NY). our first stop was obviously central park. joe had only ever seen the park in the winter, never at it's full potential. he loved it every bit as much as i did. i took way too many photos of him. my camera is chock full of joe and very little of me... heh.


then we had to stop by the mothership, of course! we got our rings cleaned at tiffany's and perused the sparkly cases on every floor. it felt like coming home.


rockefeller center has started setting up the ice skating rink already. it was neat to see how it's done! i think this is one of my favorite spots in the city. i can't put my finger on it, but i love the grandeur. 

then joe brought us to this little hole-in-the-wall music shoppe called the music inn and although joe said the percussion instruments were over priced and unappealing to his tastes, it looked rad


joe had his first bowl of ramen!! yes, this is my husband who was raised on italian meatballs and ketchup, eating his first ramen. his palette is expanding, people ;) this place was called totto ramen and it reminded me of a typical japanese street restaurant. the place sat only about 15 people. we shared a table with another couple. and the food was so good. i'd recommend it. 


much to our surprise, as we walked home from our ramen dinner, we passed through times square and were pleased to discover that it was the metropolitan opera's opening night and there was a free live viewing! joe and i sat ourselves down amongst throngs of cultured others and soaked it all in. then we went to the hotel and watched the presidential debate, while munching on black & white cookies, of course.

new york, i love you. it's like i never left.