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thanks 10/30

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the 30 days of thanks have returned! and i'm more organized about it this year! 3 posts each with 10 days of thanks. here's the first:


i'm thankful for…

nov 1: a beautiful view at work. i played a gorgeous wedding at a vineyard in malibu. it's one of those places i've driven by a thousand times and always thought "i wonder what happens in that mansion at the top of the hill?" now i know. people get married there. heh. 

nov 2: amazon prime! i ran out of printer ink at the literal worst time. 

nov 3: christmas at target! i go there when i'm stressed and it soothes all my worries. 

nov 4: my husband taking care of me. i had a long, frustrating teaching day. he made sure that i had dinner and took the time out of his work day to make sure i felt loved. 

nov 5: reconnecting with old friends. i had a recording session for a few friends from college and it was so wonderful to catch up with them! 

nov 6: sticker friends! i have met a lot of sweet planner ladies through my sticker shop and being a part of this little etsy community has been such a light in my life.  

nov 7: pumpkin pie for breakfast. 'nuff said. 

nov 8: home cooked meals. i took the time to batch cook a bunch of meals for the week. i chose a recipe that reminded me of home and childhood. 

nov 9: powerful women. i was feeling sad after the election and felt lifted up by the strong women in my life. the future is most definitely female. 

nov 10: intelligent students. i had a good talk with a sweet student of mine. she opened up to me about her thoughts and fears on the election and i was stunned by her maturity. such an encouraging moment after the past few days.