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thanks 20/30

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i'm thankful for...


11th: my blog. i love writing out my thoughts on both the easy and rough days.

12th: the tall windows in our little apartment. joe and i live in a very small space but we have an extremely tall ceiling with giant windows that let in lots of natural light and give a great view of the busy street we live on. 

13th: date night! when we get to finally have a couple hours to just pop into the neighborhood bar for a drink together after a long work week, it helps put things into perspective. our lives are chaotic and busy, but we have each other at the end of the day.

14th: a sister who gets my jokes. there is no one on this planet that understands my humor better than my sister. she laughs at all of my jokes, even the bad ones, which is mostly just laughter at how pathetic i am, in that instance. 

15th: the 3 dollar fake, mini christmas tree that i bought on a whim at target. it now lives on my lazy susan on my dining table and it makes me happy. 

16th: modern dentistry and hot tea... i got 3 cavities filled today. i'm amazed at how far dentistry has come and i feel very lucky that i have access to it.

17th: the fact that i can make a living off of teaching music to people. i'm lucky that i've never had to work a retail or food service job due to my teaching jobs. being my own boss is something i hope i never take for granted.

18th: nap time at my in-laws'. i am lucky to work in the same town that my in-laws live in, which means that when i have a break from work, i can go take a nap on their couch. i love naps.

19th: watching the rain from under a blanket on my couch. we had a pretty healthy amount of rain today! it was so needed and totally appreciated. and i got to curl up on my couch with my husband and watch it come down out my window. 

20th: a loving mentor. i work for a wonderful lady who works me hard but daily reminds me of my value. i learn an extraordinary amount from her kindness. 


*stay tuned for part 3 at the end of the month!