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a looney week

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this is more of a ramble

a stream of consciousness, if you will

i had a long, looney week. i had a particularly large amount of work and activities that made this week feel long. but then i compare it to last week, and last week seemed equally as long. then i thought about the past month and i realized that every week seemed quite long... so are my weeks really long at all?...

(when i think these thoughts, i hear syndrome, the villain from the incredibles movie saying, "and when everyone's super, no one will be..." anyone?...)

i feel the same way about friendships

i meant to call up a friend for coffee this week. i meant to have a friend over to see my apartment this week. i thought in my head, "i'm very tired today from the amount of work i did and the little sleep that i had to do the work on. i'll call her tomorrow." but then the next day felt long, and the next day felt longer, and before i knew it, it was saturday night and my week was gone. 

i just washed my makeup off of my face with coconut oil and the oil got in my eyes, so when i blink my vision get momentarily blurry. this happens every night for about an hour, then it wears away. i'm making a lot of typos right now.

there is an awful child in one of my middle school beginning string classes. actually, there are three awful children in this particular class. they make my life a living hell for 45 minutes, 3 days a week. they make me simultaneously wonderful why i went into teaching, and how these kids are going to become awful adults someday if someone doesn't do something. then this leads me to thinking about adults today. they aren't much different than my awful middle school boys, in some ways. they argue over things that don't matter. they disrespect one another. they make stupid mistakes. adults are really just a bunch of blathering idiots that try to coexist.

then i get depressed with that thought and i pop by the christmas section at target to make myself feel better.

a $5 mini pine tree will make anyone happy. 

then i think about christmas and how i truly love every minute of christmas season. i was ready to decorate before halloween, but i restrained myself, much to my husband's delight. thanksgiving has to come first... thanksgiving has to come first... i repeat this to myself every morning when i wake up, i'm not kidding. 

thanksgiving will be wonderful! my mom's side of the family always gets together for thanksgiving. we eat 2 turkeys and a fancy cheese plate, drink too much coffee, and finish the night off with the first christmas movie of the season, which is always elf. i can never get enough of that movie. joe and i have a framed elf score hanging above our dining room table. it's signed by the composer, john debney. elf and the polar express brought joe and i together, back before we started dating. the themes from both films are undeniably similar, and once we realized that we both knew this interesting fact, we knew that this relationship might just work... 

*spoiler alert: he put a ring on it.

speaking of soundtracks, i had a recording session tonight. it was for a composer friend of mine from college. i played on his senior recital, and now we're out in the real world and he's calling me for actual work. what a fun perk to my job! i've had a really successful gigging month. i texted my husband today about a gig i got and he said, "wow! that's great! that'll pay for half of your cavities!"

oh yeah, did i mention that i have 13 cavities?

and i found out on halloween

13 cavities on halloween...

i'm not joking.

i've never had a cavity in my life, but suddenly in my 23rd year on this earth, i have not one, but thirteeeeeeeeen!!!!!!

i'm terrified, people. 

ugh, now i just want to flee to the target christmas section...

but i took a bath with a lush bath bomb and a nice glass of wine just now. my bath bomb smelled like apples and it was bright green. it smelled like autumn but it looked like puke. but now i smell good and feel good, and this blog post feels great to write. 

( i just accidentally typed "clog post" and i pictured myself with goofy pigtails, an apron, and wooden clogs dancing around my kitchen. i'm laughing out loud...)

enough of this long, looney post. i'm going to hang out with my studly husband and watch designated survivor, which always reminds me of my dad and his love for keiffer sutherland.

thanks for reading along.

(and let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this style of post or not. it could be a total disaster or a huge success and i would never know! help a blogger out.)