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don't crucify me for my opinion

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read this with an open heart


i've never voted for president. i've been able to, but had no interest to. i felt like there was no point, no reason, nothing palpable for me to stand behind. and now that i have finally decided to vote (my father is elated) i'm afraid to talk about it. my FB is a mixed feed of pro-trump and pro-hillary, even a few johnsons. i am grateful that it is! i feel like it is important for me, as a first timer, to hear out both sides. at the beginning of 2016, i didn't even give a thought to which party i resonated with the most. i started to dive into research and form an opinion of my own. 

i have seen the most awful slaughtering of opinions between my friends this year. if you want a reminder of how disrespectful people can be, just follow any outspoken celebrity on twitter. it's depressing. whatever happened to a democracy? i respect democrats, i respect republicans. that's how our system works. we balance each other out. why do people belittle each other for their stance? you want to be respected, right? respect the guys you disagree with. it's hard, i know. you're allowed to have your own opinion, it is a free country after all, but that doesn't mean that your opinion can't be hurtful, offensive, or disrespectful sometimes. 

i need to thank bernie. before bernie, i had no interest whatsoever in politics. i had planned to never vote, because i didn't think anyone was speaking to me and my issues. i can't stand behind someone that i can't connect with. but then bernie came into my life and my heart just about burst. i love that guy. i registered as a democrat just so i could vote for him in the CA primary. (i'm still not sure if i'll stay there for the rest of my life, but it's where i am today.) bernie turned a hard-hearted millennial into an open, receptive voter. 

as i finish this controversial (for me) post, i want to plead with anyone who opposes my views to not respond in anger or frustration, but to have faith that i did my homework. i have done a lot of research and i am voting based on the opinion i developed. that's how america works. you have an opinion, i respect it. respect mine as well. we are created equally, we deserve equal respect no matter what.