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thanks 30/30

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and the last of the 30 days of thanks!


i'm thankful for...

21st: cuddles with my sick husband. nothing is worse than being alone while you're sick. and my husband gets so cuddly when he's sick, i can't help it!

22nd: blankets. it was remarkably cold today and i spent the day with my sister at a movie. i brought us blankets, because why the hell not? 

23rd: roadtrips. now, i'm not normally a road trip type of person. i get incredibly carsick quite easily and i end up sleeping for the majority of my time during a long car ride. but the yearly road trip to thanksgiving with my husband is always good! he's a hoot 'n a half and i got him to listen to one of my podcasts!

24th: thanksgiving. naturally, i'm thankful for family. i'm thankful for this time once a year that i get to see my mom's side of the family, my dear cousins that i love, and how we can all put our worries aside for one day with each other.

25th: mom. we binge-watched the new gilmore girls today (as every decent mother and daughter should do.) and it was extraordinarily emotional. then my mom left for her tour... did i mention that on this blog? my mom is the new Dorothy in the broadway national tour of 42nd street: the musical! she's now off to NYC to live an exciting and exhausting life as a touring, professional actress for the next 6 months. it was hard to say goodbye to her, but i'm more happy than sad.

26th: snow flurries! as we drove home to LA today, we passed through the infamous grapevine pass. it was pouring rain throughout our entire drive and just as we reach the top of the pass, it started to flurry! snow! real snow! it was hardly sticking to our windshield, but it was snow, damnit.

27th: a fireplace. it was finally cold enough to light a fire in our little fireplace! this is truly my most favorite time of the year; when we don't have to run the AC anymore, and we can warm our entire apartment with the fireplace. saving money, feeling cozy. the apartment we're moving into in a couple of months doesn't have a fireplace, so i'm soaking it all in while it lasts.

28th: viewers. there are people that actually watch my vlogs! friends of mine that actually care about my husband and i and the content that we put out. that's such a fun feeling!

29th: tea, twinkle lights, and friends. i caught up with my dear friend laura and we had delicious tea while we talked about life, surrounded by a garden of twinkle lights. i love that i have a friend who likes twinkles lights and tea and talking. love you, laura...

30th: santa sugar cookies. anti-climactic for the last day of this thing, eh? you thought i was going to end this with world peace or something? surprise! i am thankful for those place-n-bake sugar cookies from the market that taste like pure chemicals and sugar. i love them. i'm thankful for them.


and with that... 30 days of thanks comes to an end. i should say something about how we always need to be thankful, not just during november, but what an obnoxious blog that would make!

love you all.