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christmas in NYC

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it's about time for a written post, don't you think?!

i've had a ball with jingle week vlogs over on my jordanann youtube channel, but i miss writing! glad to be back. 

today i'm sharing snapshots from our whirlwind weekend trip to NYC to visit mom while she was in rehearsals for her tour. (national tour of 42nd Street the Musical) 

the whole family went, including joe, and we had an absolutely christmassy, cold, exhausting, fun experience.


we flew through the night, without much sleep at all, and immediately ducked into a tiny diner in chinatown where i had a fantastic bagel and coffee and my brother, the carnivore that he is, had his fill of omelettes and bacon. we faced the street and watched kids head off to school in multiple layers of colorful clothing. (it was an average of 20 degrees while we were there!)


after running through all the historic landmarks you just have to see as a first-timer in the city (dad & brother had never been!) we ducked into a starbucks to thaw out and recharge. it was the longest line i'd ever seen for coffee, as this particular store seemed short-staffed. but we didn't mind it one bit. we were just happy to be together!


we tackled central park on our first day too, which was my favorite part. i've seen the park in the summer, fall, and now the winter. it's most ominous in the winter. it's a different kind of beautiful in the winter.

as we were in a rather long line for a bathroom (oh, new york.) it started to snow! well, it started to dandruff. flakes, if you will. only for a few moments, but enough to stick to my gloves and strike me with wonder.


we met up with mom after she got out of "work" for dinner and a show: the rockettes! the show itself was underwhelming (we're tough critics...) but the dancers themselves did an amazing job, of course. this was our attempt at getting a pic with the tree at rockefeller center ^ there were 5 million people there, i'm convinced. but we got it!


on our last day, we stopped by the christmas village at bryant park which was every bit as magical as we had hoped! we got the most luxurious italian hot chocolate and sat near the library as we watched shoppers hustle along. and in a moment of pure exhaustion and happiness, it started to snow. real snow this time! it stuck to my hat, to the tops of cars, to the sidewalks, and made us silly californians squeal with excitement! 


we had to duck into the new york public library, of course. where i discovered kenna's budding talent for candid photography. ^ here i was saying something like "this place is so posh..."


here i am in grand central station, sipping orange juice that a simply orange man handed me on 5th avenue. it really hit the spot, until it started to freeze in my hand... ha! 


we had to go to macy's, of course. and right as we approached the front doors, we had to take a moment with the freshly falling snow. kenna's face is saying "i believe in santa clause" is it not?!


and the last stop on our trip was magnolia bakery for a large banana pudding to share. the girls had never had it and i just had to share the goodness.  they agreed, it's amazing


we had an amazing trip. my dad never thought that he would be able to take a trip like this with his family in his lifetime. i'm so glad that we were able to spend this time together and that it got to include some visiting time with my mom as well. she's working really hard on her show and is in absolute bliss at the moment. i'm incredibly happy for her! we all are. it was so special to have an early christmas together.

now, i'm hosting christmas day at my place this year! wish me luck!

happy christmas to you and your family.

or, what i've been exclaiming to everyone within earshot...