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christmas gift guide for strings students

Added on by Jordan Martone.

every year at christmastime i scribble down a christmas wish list for my violin and viola students. i always hope their parents will end up purchasing a couple of the items for their stockings. i thought i'd share a few of them here for any other teachers, parents, or students!

magic rosin $16

this rosin brand has numerous designs and colors of rosin, which is just a fun way to add a little personalization to a kid's daily practice routine. 

shar cleaner and polish pack $9.99

i swear by this stuff for young string players as a great way to keep their instruments clean and shiny. a little bit goes a long way (i still have mine from when i was 11.) and it really does the job.

string swing $10.99

i got a string swing for christmas when i was about 11 or 12 and it completely changed the way i approached practice time. my dad installed it on my bedroom wall and it made my violin much more accessible. 

peak sms-50 music stand $50

a bit on the pricier side, but you'll never need another music stand in your life. it's sturdy and permanent enough for home-practice, but it folds up quite easily for travel, wedding gigs, orchestra rehearsals, you name it. it also comes in a handy travel bag. 

bow hold fish $17.99

for those students with stubborn pinkies or bow holds. i'm battling a few students right now that need something like this in their lives to help them relax into a mature bow hand.

ultra practice violin mute $3.59

this little piece of plastic is what saved my parents' ears all those years. i would use it when i wanted to practice late at night or early in the morning without waking my family members. 

hope this helps with a few stocking stuffers and last minute gifts!

(fyi: the bold titles are clickable direct links to each item.)

i hope this season is bright and twinkly and that you're playing lots of christmas duets.