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newlywed valentine

Added on by Jordan Martone.

every february, i'm not surprised by the valentine's haters, rather i brace myself for them. what is a valentine's hater? that person on FB that posts passive-aggressively about being alone on valentine's day. to which i say, call up your family and friends and get together! celebrate your love for them! who cares if you're single? own it, be proud of where you are in your life, and celebrate love in every form. don't get down on the couples of the world for proclaiming their love for one another. they're in love! what's wrong with love?!

love is what our world needs more of right now. don't stamp it out, love it up. 

this year, i'm celebrating valentine's day as a married woman in love. these past 7 months with joe have been the best of my life. i mean that. spending my days with my best partner is the most encouraging and exciting way to live each day. love has changed my life for the better. it's the one thing in my life that is sure and does not hurt. 

so, to all the couples and the singles on valentine's day: love it up, turkeys cuz it's all we got.