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what do i know about fashion? // 005

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i made a sort of new year's resolution to myself to update my wardrobe. i've been so into this minimal, neutral style of clothing and i think i've gone so far down this path that i don't actually purchase clothing for myself ever anymore... so i end up with the same 3 outfits to wear each week? it's quite weird and i've been stuck in a rut.

this is the start of me documenting my fashion journey. i recently purged my closet of all the things i never wear (and gave them to my sister, as one does.) and i've been slowly purchasing high quality key items that i will wear intentionally and treasure with all my dang heart.

my go-to winter teaching wardrobe is something that i can move in, something comfortable, something that covers "the girls" (you know what i mean, ladies.) and something i feel confident in. this striped turtleneck (that doesn't photograph well) is my new favorite. it's from uniqlo and i purchased it for our paris trip, but i continue to wear the crap out of it because it's true love. my pants are lorna jane structured leggings. they would definitely be considered my holy grail item of clothing. they're high-waisted, thick material, yet breathable, great for workouts and for running about town... or kid wrangling... either one. also, i wear keds quite often nowadays and they're so comfy and cute and go with everything. thinking i might switch to converse this summer though...

have a hot date? attending a graduation? have a fancy business meeting? bam. madewell jumpsuit. i wore this on valentine's day, added a red lip to top it off, and i felt amazing. those heels are super crappy ones from charlotte russe, high school edition. in the words of joe, "you need to up your heel-game." i agree with him.

my go-to day off outfit. a comfortable fitted tee, jeans, and my trusty timberlands. this tee is from j.crew and the jeans are american eagle (totally underrated). 

p.s. you know what's awkward? posing for blog photos.

i'm looking forward to sharing more of my fashion journey here.

now go forth and enjoy your hump day!