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ipsy // 001

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i think that even if you lived under a rock, you'd know what ipsy is. 

ipsy is one of those companies that advertises like a boss. it's all over youtube (duh, the founder is michele phan) and all over magazines, newsletters, etc. so much so that i finally said, "why the hell not" and took the plunge. 

it's super easy. you sign up and fill out a quick profile that matches products to your skin tone, hair and eye color, brand preference, etc. then, they send you 5 makeup/hair/beauty related product samples each month. only for $10. 

i'm pretty pumped about this. 


each month there is a different "glam bag" or what i like to call "tiny makeup bag that i'll probably just end up putting feminine supplies in… *ahem*"  this is what the samples come in.


as for the products i got this month...

i've always heard about the makeup for ever primers, but this one has been quite good! some primers dry my face out and then my foundation looks horrendous. this one has been great so far!

i've never heard of the brand vera mona but this shade of pinky-peach eyeshadow is just right for my complexion.

the trick with skin care samples, is there's only hardly enough in each product to see a significant difference in your face before you've used it all up. however, this first aid beauty ultra repair hydrating serum has been wonderful. it's not like a lotion, but not quite a facial oil either. it adds the perfect amount of hydration without leaving my face oily and it has definitely approved my over all complexion. such a god send.

esalon is another brand i have not heard about until now, but this sample is a leave-in conditioner. it smells great! and that's really all i can say about it... because i have only used it twice. i'm sure i'll love it with prolonged use.

and lastly, this pixi rose gold blush is changing my world! the pink is the just right balance of a color and neutral shade, and the other color is like a shimmer highlight. when you swirl these together with your blush brush, it creates a beautiful, dewy-look.


so far, i love ipsy! (my computer refuses to recognize "ipsy" as a real world and keeps autocorrecting it to "tipsy". also, it hates the world "vlog"!

if you're interested in trying ipsy. use this referral code herehope you're having a glorious weekend!