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around here lately // 011

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hello! happy march! the month of allergy season, st patrick's day, and easter?! is that messing up anyone else's brain besides mine?

is it feeling springy where you are? are you ready for warm weather or yearning for more winter? we californians had a wonky heat wave that is just now letting up and it left me wishing i'd had just a couple more chances to wear my big poofy paris coat. 

but, alas, the warmth is coming and there's no denying it. i just remembered that my warm-weather wardrobe sucks. bad. another reason why i'm just not ready. 


avocado toast is the most underrated food pairing on planet earth, im convinced! i tried to pretend that it was avocado season this past weekend and i went through a million dodgy avocados before I realized that there's a reason for the season. avocado season, i wait for thee with baited breath!


some of my many kiddos. i counted once, and i discovered that i teach roughly 200 music students in a given week. between my 4 schools, private students, and youth orchestra, i see about 200 of those little tyrants on a weekly basis. that means 200 little stringed instruments to tune, 200 sets of crappy fine tuners to cut my fingers on, 200 names to learn, and don't get me started on the duplicates! "my name's alisha, not alicia!" well forgive me that i have an alisha, alicia, alissa, elissa, and an alice and i can't keep them all straight! 


husband played AYS over the weekend. (the american youth symphony) and i sat through the entire 3 hour concert just to hear him play bass drum in the last 15 mins of the program. 

true. love.  

sometimes your job as a musician can be pretty weird. but then they serve you wine and cheese afterwards and you say "ok!" 

but guys i met david newman.  he wrote the music to about 70% of all your favorite 80's films, and more. ice age, anastasia, matilda, the mighty ducks, etc. not only is he a fantastic composer (and my hands-down favorite conductor ever ) but he and his wife are both violinists. i was awarded the david & krystyna newman string scholarship as an incoming freshman at CSUN, and that little sum of money was honestly what helped me go to college. it changed the course of my life and has been a driving motivation ever since. i finally met david at this concert and was able to thank him and shake his hand. what might seem like a simple formality was a big dream of mine. 


i end this post with another wallpaper. maybe i should start naming these posts "around my iphone lately"? but really, i stole this from the internet, feel free to steal it from me.