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ipsy // 002

Added on by Jordan Martone.

okay, i am loving this ipsy thing! my sister is too. my last blog post inspired her to jump on the bandwagon and yesterday when she got her bag, she sent me a text in all caps (like she always does. she's passionate.) WHAT DID YOU GET IN YOUR IPSY BAG? and i could tell she was hooked.


this month's bag included:

buxom's wildly whipped lightweight liquid lipstick in the color centerfold.

nudestix's lip & cheek pencil in the color mystic.

star look's luxe longer eye pencil in the color jet.

a L.A.B. just blending in brush.

and a smoothing moroccan organ oil & keratin hair serum from Nth degree.

i absolutely love these products so far! it's almost like the curators knew exactly what my beauty needs were. i actually used the lip pencil on my latest violin gig and i can confidently report that it has tremendous long-lasting power.

if you're interested in trying ipsy (which my computer insists on autocorrecting to "tipsy") use my referral link here!

what i totally love about these bags is that every one is different, not only every month, but for every girl. my sister got completely different products than i did and she loved what she received too. it's such a fun monthly surprise!