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ipsy // 003

Added on by Jordan Martone.

yet another ipsy post! this thing is becoming a bit of an obsession...


1. épicé hydrating mask: i really enjoy this mask and the size of the product is really generous for a sample. it smells very citrus-y and tingles as it sits on your skin. it's not drying at all and my dry skin is incredibly thankful!

2. smashbox x-rated mascara: the brush on this little guy is unlike one i've ever seen. it's pretty much got three sides of bristles and the product is highly saturated on it. i feel like i need to use it very carefully so i don't use too much.

3. bellápierre gel lip liner in no. 02- nude: this thing is fantastic! i love the shade, as it's a great dark neutral pink-brown. i'm not going to lie, i wear this as more than just a liner. it makes for a great matte lip! i recently wore it to conduct in one of my orchestra concerts and it lasts forever!

4. hanalei lip treatment: this thing is a funny but amazing little product. it is doing wonders for my lips but the product itself looks like neosporin?? thankfully it smells like heaven, which helps.

5. slmissglam small contour brush w07: this brush is super cute, not super "my taste" but hey, it's a free brush and i will not complain! i've never owned a contour brush and now i'm wondering what i ever did with my life?! it's great for applying my bronzer in only the places i want and nowhere else.

have i mentioned that i love ipsy? if you'd like to try it out, use this link to get started!