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i always knew i had an exceptional mom from a very young age.  

my mother is the kind of woman that other women admire. she inspires people.

i thought i'd share some fun facts about my mom today, cuz she's pretty wonderful:

she gets regularly mistaken for michelle pfeifer at the doctor's office

she taught me how to play piano starting at age 4. i sobbed and cried through countless lessons and i'm so thankful for what it did for my life, my career, and my heart

she makes the most amazing white wine chicken pasta

she taught me that complimenting other women often is something that the world needs more of; women supporting women 

she has a terrible sweet tooth. a trip to the mall always involves a pit stop at see's candies for toffee chips

she taught me to always dress my best because a first impression is often all you'll ever have

she is a beast in the gym. she puts me to shame…

her work ethic is outrageous. she does a lot and looks good while doing it

yes, my guy friends in high school thought my mom was hot… it still happens today and yes, it's awkward

she's the only person i know that can actually pull off leopard print shoes.  

she taught me how to be a teacher. the balance between inspiring, pushing, and loving is a delicate art that she has certainly mastered

she's a fantastic mother who raised three pretty kick-ass kids (if i do say so myself)

happy mother's day, ma. my number one blog reader and all around supporter. i love you