the stories of a los angeles violinist


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you know what time it is!… fun facts about my father time!  

my dad is an incredibly talented musician with a very precise musical ear. he strives for excellence in every way when it comes to music. 

my dad was raised on a farm in central california. his daily chores included taking care of the cows. 

my dad loves napoleon dynamite and nacho libré.  

my dad can fix almost any car problem on his own. he'll research it online, watch youtube videos, and even read a whole book before he'll take that car into the shop.

my dad loves fake grape-flavored candies

my dad is a great tuba player.

my dad loves to listen to the thomas newman pandora radio station while he's at work. 

my dad has fantastic teeth. 

i inherited my dad's hazel eyes and dark brown hair

my dad taught me the importance of hard work.

my dad is the most genuine person you'll ever meet. he's true to his word, he's honest, and he's loving. 


i love my dad tremendously and i am so thankful for his mark on my life. happy father's day, dad.