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couple love

Added on by Jordan Martone.

sometimes in life, if you're really lucky, you find the person you want to wake up to everyday.

then, if you're exceptionally lucky, you and that person find the couple that you bond with so deeply, that it's like you always knew each other. 

ryan and alissa are our "people". i've never been so comfortable and free to be me around a pair of people in my life. when i introduced my cousin ryan to my then-boyfriend joe, i never could've guessed that they'd become so attached to each other. and alissa and i could talk for hours and laugh endlessly.


they came to visit us here in LA (they're from NorCal) and it was bliss. we had thai from our favorite thai place and the lady gave us free boba tea. we saw finding dory and got massive baby fever. we attempted to hike to the hollywood sign, but settled for the gorgeous view from the griffith observatory. alissa taught me how to cook a bunch of great meals-for-two. we watched the bachelorette together with lots of wine. we walked to mcdonalds for midnight ice cream cones. we shared our hearts.

love you guys, dearly. miss you already.