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ipsy // 005

Added on by Jordan Martone.

ipsy is one of the best decisions i've made. that sounds silly. it's also true.


1. too faced hangover replenishing face primer: this was my favorite item in the bag. it's an excellent primer that keeps my makeup solidly in place. the "replenishing" aspect is pretty mild for me, but hey, it's one of the best primers i've used.

2. the balm cosmetics meet matt(e) trimony in matt kimar or matt moskowitz: this is the most ridiculous product title i've ever come across. it turns me off completely, but the product itself is decent. super pigmented and very.. what's the word... fallout-y? it dusts everywhere. but the color is a cool change up from my norm.

3. befine food skin care night cream: this product made my skin break out after just one night's use. i immediately threw it out. i don't need that kind of negativity in my life...

4. eau thermale avène thermal spring water: i honestly didn't know what this was for a whole week. it's a toner. would you have guessed? essentially it's water in an aerosol can. BS? i think so.

5. vasanti cosmetics professional eyeshadow brushes: this brush was squished into the cosmetic bag during packaging and as a result, it permanently deformed as an angular brush. it's supposed to be a flat, circular brush. maybe i can manipulate it?

over all, not my best bag, but i love the surprise every month. plus the collection of cute, functional cosmetic bags is really helping with packing for trips.