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you get a really tingly feeling when you know that you're a part of something special. the hollywood chamber orchestra is a new group that's made up of LA's finest musicians. i have played with them a few times but only recently has it become more frequent. this past week, i played a concert full of new compositions by film composers and I played with and met sarah chang.

sarah. chang.

violinists out there are understanding me right now.

i grew up listening to sarah as a little girl. i was nervous to meet her when i got the call for this gig, because i'd heard rumors of her being a diva. ya know, the typical "i'm a child prodigy and have been treated like royalty my entire life" thing. after a long day of rehearsals with her, it was obvious that she was not a diva at all, but one of the most serious musicians i've ever encountered. her ability to focus on her technique and musicality in perfect balance is extraordinary. i can only imagine that if i was in her position, i would handle the pressure similarly. 


i definitely stole this picture from the principal cellist's facebook… can you spot the jordan? 


thankful is the theme for this past weekend. lots of playing, performing, connecting, making friends... it got me to thinking about where i'm going in life and where i want to be. 

i had a moment on stage, mid performance. we were playing a piece of music that felt very outer-spacey and celestial and amidst that weightless feeling we were all having during the piece, i had a moment of "i'm on the right track. this is exactly where i'm supposed to be right now and i love it." i'm the youngest person in this orchestra and most of the time, i'm trying to not make a fool of myself. but the other half of the time, i'm giddy to have the opportunity to show what i can do. 

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