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summer nights

Added on by Jordan Martone.

i've been reflecting lately on what our summer nights look like, because our summer is almost over. as educators, joe and i "go back to school" every fall and our summer abruptly ends, much sooner than we usually prefer.  

these last few summer nights look like this: 

joe comes home from "band camp" where he's been teaching high school percussionists all day and is thoroughly exhausted. we forgot to think ahead about dinner (typical) and end up ordering a domino's pizza (we had a coupon for a free pizza, hallelujah). we catch up on the daily casey neistat vlog together while we eat dinner on the couch and then turn on the prime time coverage of the rio olympics. joe and i are huge olympics fans. i'm sipping on a glass of pino noir and trying to ignore my craving for a handful of chocolate chip cookies.

it's hot. so hot. its been one of the warmest weeks of summer and our poor air conditioner is working over time. i'm not looking forward to that electricity bill… i look over at my husband, lying on the couch, perusing the latest ebay percussion listings on his ipad. he's so handsome. even when he's not trying! i just adore him. he's so genuinely wonderful. i love being his wife. i hope everyone knows a love like this. 

wow, these olympians are killing it. wait, this usa female runner went to my alma mater? weird. awesome! go, girl! now i feel a little lazy. i think i'll do some yoga while i watch the 11 o'clock hour. man, i want a cookie. that's probably why i'm here at home and not at the olympics. who am i kidding, i never enjoyed athletics. i picked the perfection profession: playing a musical instrument that requires me to sit inside an air conditioned room all day. i should probably practice violin, now that i think of it…

boy, i'll miss these lazy nights. soon it will be early to bed and early to rise and i'll complain about being tired and how my students don't practice. but i'll also have days where i made a really great cup of coffee and that got me through my day, or i got a fun recording gig, or my student really practiced this week. i'm excited to teach some fresh new minds about how awesome music is. 

i'll miss this summer when it's gone. but i'm so stoked for fall. joe and i are spending a week in new york and philadelphia in september. i can't wait for that! the weather will be beautiful! i need to remember how important it is to not get bogged down by teaching this year like i did last year. i need to write more, blog more. it's so therapeutic. aaand i'm officially rambling now. time to end this post? i think so.  

thanks for reading my rambles.