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Added on by Jordan Martone.

hey, it's a fashion post! sort of... just tips and tricks, really. 

as a freelance violinist, i've learned a few tips for dressing appropriately for a day in the studio. i thought i'd share my favorite things to wear while recording and what makes me comfortable when getting down to business.


sound stages are always cold

i always wear a long-sleeved shirt or bring a sweater along to any session. i'm a perpetually cold person, but air conditioning on a sound stage is no joke. in general, air conditioning doesn't run during a take. (mics will pick up that ishhhh.) so in between recordings, the AC is often blasted at full-force. i'm always wrapped in my sweater by the end of the day!


long days call for a mary poppins bag

when i'm out working all day, i make sure to bring my big mary poppins bag. ya know, the bag that contains everything you'll ever need?

it fits my essentials like:

wallet, reading glasses, sunglasses, planner

and even extras like:

a sweater and a mini bag of touch-up makeup products. (for when the gang invites you out for drinks and you need a dark lip. duh.)


your picture will always be taken

i can't recall a session where i haven't had my picture taken, whether it's for instagram or for a promo. i always want to look my best, be well dressed, and present myself in a professional manner. my violin professor always says "be the guy who's three hours early wearing a tux." AKA, be early and look fiiiiiine.

also, i almost always wear my black flats or a soft-sole shoe so i don't ruin a take with my loud feet. "uh, sorry. can we do that one again? i think jordan's shoes squeaked..."


headphone hair is the worst

i've discovered two options that work for me. i either have my hair down and wavy, or it's up in a ponytail. i keep a hair tie in my purse at all times for this very reason. the silly crease around the ears and on top of the head are enough to embarrass any girl. just make sure to lightly push the hair back behind the ears and you're good to go.



 in the studio, i try to look as professional as possible while being as comfortable as possible. the worst is when you don't feel your best and it distracts you from your work.

when i look good, i feel good, and i do good...