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hamiltonians (post your drafts, jordan!* part three)

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in an attempt to overcome my newly discovered writing insecurity, i'm posting old (and i mean very old) drafts i never finished because i deemed them unworthy. here ya go:


we saw hamilton.

i know. i can't believe it either.

i'm suffering from post-hamilton let-down. i'm depressed that it's over. i want more. *sigh*


we started our ultimate date-day with shake shack. duh. a new one opened across the street from the pantages theatre. we got the usual, shack burgers with crinkle cut fries and a shake. this time i chose strawberry, but i had a blueberry muffin shake once that rocked my world and i'll always prefer that one. 

let's have a debate: shake shack or in-n-out? serious question.


i've always loved any excuse to visit the Pantages, but this one felt extra special. my first musical here was annie. i was 10. we were late and missed the beginning of hard-knock life. it was amazing. what wasn't amazing was the handful of turd people that showed up in their athletic shorts and tee-shirts. the grandeur of the theatre is lost on some people.


it was emotional. it was electric. it was better than i expected. 

new fav character: thomas jefferson. ours was an absolute star.

only gripe: our hamilton and burr looked exactly the same. identical men. and for someone in the balcony, i could not tell them apart until they started singing. and that distinction only came from my prior knowledge of the show. however, the two men were absolutely jaw-droppingly great. beautifully cast, just maybe should've been in opposite casts?

we finally went to see a musical that my husband knew better than i did?! that's right. he never understands all the nerdy musical theatre references i use on a daily basis, but he has been obsessed with hamilton from the perspective of a percussionist and an american history nerd. it made my heart so happy. 

i'm feeling very lucky that we bought our tickets on the morning they were released. they weren't very expensive and the seats were great. my mom & sister are very angry with me for going without them. very, very angry. if you get the chance (and i know you will. this musical will be around for the rest of our lives.) don't think, just do it.