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home decor for poor people

Added on by Jordan Martone.

welcome to jordan’s crafting corner! 

jk, i just thought i’d throw together a post about the small home decor that i’ve been loving around my home this season.  

first, what are you doing if you don’t get emails from joann fabrics? they send coupons literally everyday and you’ll never pay full price for craft supplies ever again.

second, if you’re a poor newlywed college grad like me here are some ideas for small home decoration that involves only constrcution paper and twine. 


i purchased the thickest black construction paper i could find and just roughly cut out a few bats. i lightly taped them to my wall and voila! minimal halloween. heh heh.  

and how cute is my dog? 


these cute retro leaves have been on my wall since september. these ones were made out of standard printer paper but i’m sure they would’ve been more clean and vibrant if i had used thicker paper. 


these garlands were made out of standard oval leaf shapes cut from the same thick construction paper, in shades of brown.  i used some twine and sewed each leaf on in random variation. it took quite some time, but nothing longer than a good movie and a glass of wine. and it’s sturdy enough to re-use in years to come.

there you have it! hope this gives you some ideas.