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thanks 2017: part one

Added on by Jordan Martone.

it's that time of year again! and no, i'm not talking about jordan's premature christmas excitement. that's a story for another day. i'm talking about the month of thanks. in blog-years-past, i've posted throughout the month of november sharing what i'm thankful for. i actually sit down with my planner every evening and write down what struck me that day, then i compile them all into a blog post every week or so. here's the first ten days of nov 2017:


1 // a good workout. i haven’t intentionally exercised in quite an embarassingly long while. my strings students have had me running around lately, but getting in a good workout in the gym with joe really brightened my day.

2 // kombucha. i tried kombucha for the first time today and i’m all in! i’m not sure what voodoo it’s supposed to do to my body, but i enjoy it anyway.

3 // joe has been working incredibly hard this month working on a few major projects (one of which is planet earth! our house sounds lovely!) and we’ve hardly seen each other (downside) but boy, am i proud of him.

4 //  loyal sticker customers. i spent the day filling sticker orders in my etsy shop for the most wonderful customers. these ladies were mostly repeat customers that have been purchasing my stickers for at least the last year or two. i enjoy forming relationships with people from all over the world and getting a glimpse into their lives through our little bits of communication.

5 //  extra sleep. daylight savings! after a week of early mornings and teaching difficult children how to play g#’s, that extra hour really helped. but now i shake my fist at the sky when i’m ready for bed at 4pm.

6 // how going to the cinema can be like a breath of fresh air. we went to see thor: ragnarok and chris hemsworth’s muscles. 2 hrs and a few good laughs later, i felt ready for my busy week ahead.

7 //  rose jam. my favorite body wash from lush is back in season and now i smell like heaven. i need to make another run to stock up on more before the season’s over.

8 //  glazed dill carrots. no, i’m not even close to pregnant but i have been craving the cooked carrots we have on easter and christmas. i cook them up in a pan with brown sugar and dill and then i die.

9 //  today was really sucky so it was hard to come up with something to be thankful for. i settled on the ability to vent to a husband who also had an equally sucky day... 

10 // fancy, over-priced breakfasts at adorable cafes. give me a good latte and french toast pairing and i’m content for the next few weeks.