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around here lately // 014

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hello there! how are you? i hope the new year is treating you well and that your silver lining is closer than ever.  

i took a much-needed break as i collected my life's scattered parts to put into words. both joe and i have had a heck of a start to '17 and it's been tricky to find our normal. here are a few life updates:


first, one of my beeeeeest friends is having a baby! so soon! kenna & i went up north to celebrate alissa, ryan & baby brynlee. we showered them with gifts and love and we cannot wait to meet the little #doylebeeb! these two are going to be the most spectacular parents, i cannot wait to see how they'll love their little girl. 


i've had a few standout gigs this month that have inspired and encouraged me. i got to play fun music with some really strong, quality women that have left me feeling empowered and successful. i'm SO thankful for them. 

i've been gigging with an electric string group for the past year alongside some really incredible ladies. we got to play a super fun gig this month at the san diego hotel del coronado and were treated like queens. these ladies are all fantastic musicians and genuinely real people. (you'll never guess which one just had a baby 2 months ago! what a babe!)


after much deliberation, i decided that i don't like pippin the musical. but i do like my stand partner. she's a real gem.


joe's had a crazy couple of weeks as well. he traveled to seoul, south korea for an awesome percussion gig and then to erie, pennsylvania to visit family (grandma turned 90! woo! what a woman!) 

and we moved! it's been a slow process due to Joe's travels, but it's nearly finished! we just have a couple art pieces to hang and we're officially moved in. we are now in a slightly larger 2-bedroom apartment, an enormous feet for a los angelino couple. we are even entertaining the idea of a puppy…!  


both joe & i have been recording like crazy for a composer friend of ours, nathan, who has been needing some alternative sounds... i'm sure this ^ photo is making some people cringe...


and we contracted a great session for him for an animated short that had some really fun music! I love connecting with people that are supporting live musicians and are constantly pursuing their dreams. 


and you're all caught up! i just wanted to address that even though i am lucky that i can share these experiences with you readers, there's a lot more that i cannot share; some truly exciting opportunities that i just cannot put on the internet. even though i love to share my life with people, i'm learning that there are some things that are best kept to myself. but i hope this gives you a glimpse!