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happy love day

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a memory:

when i was a little girl, i used to love valentine's day. in elementary school, it's so fun to exchange colorful cards with friends and giggle when a boy gives you one that says "love", ooooooooh! but, every year my most favorite thing was that my dad would come to my school and bring me flowers. it was always a surprise (could i never remember?!) and he always came around lunch time when all of my friends were sure to see. plus, my dad was always a "cool" dad to me. he always dressed really well and he was a musician for a living which, to my friends seemed way cooler than a lawyer or a business exec. i loved how special he made me feel and i remember thinking "i'm not settling for anything less than this feeling when i find the man i'm going to marry." he set the bar. it's one of my fondest childhood memories i have of my dad. 

flash forward to college, sophomore year. i woke up early on valentine's morning to make it to the gym before class and there on my dorm room kitchen table were flowers from my boyfriend. (he was in cahoots with my roommates and snuck them in before i woke up.) i felt so special and loved. i knew he was a keeper before but that sealed the deal. i thought, "i could do this forever."


happy valentine's day, dad, my first valentine. 

happy valentine's day, joe, my forever valentine.