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it's true! we have a puppy! a teeny ball of fluff that runs and jumps and wags it's tail and pees everywhere. he's the best.


^ this was joe's first time holding him. joe never had a dog growing up and had always yearned to have a pet-owner's experience. he has a lot of love to give this little one. he has no idea how much his puppy-daddy will care for him. 

speaking of "him", we named him Brando. we wanted something that represented our italian-ness and our love of film. "the godfather", a favorite of ours, was full of great names but the one we settled on was marlin brando's last name. it's a great dog-name and as soon as joe suggested it, it just sort of stuck for us.


brando is a 9-week old maltipoo, which is pretentious dog-people-speak for a really tiny puppy that's half maltese and half poodle. he doesn't shed (thank you, poodle.) and his hair is so long and silky that he can hardly see (thank you, maltese.). we are knee-deep in house training with this little one; potty-training, walk-training, crate-training, etc. it's rough, as we expected, but this isn't my first rodeo. my family dog, baylie, was the same way and I remember the sleepless nights of whining and howling as she got used to her new life.

brando is in a very unique situation for a puppy, he lives on the 4th floor of an apartment complex in the city. there's no back yard to play in and the "bathroom" is a short walk and an elevator ride away. needless to say, there have been numerous accidents, but he's really getting the hang of it. he waits near the door when he needs to go outside and he's a pro at the elevator now. (he likes to wait for the elevator door to close behind him before continuing on his way. what an unnecessary gentleman.) and we've had a couple of easy nights this week despite the majority of rough ones. lots of squeaking and whining at 3am... 


we love him. he loves us. we're now a "family" of 3. my cousin and his wife just had a real baby last week and we've ended up texting each other at odd times of the night when we wake up to check on our babies. ha!

we're very thankful to have the opportunity to love this little one. he's already brought us so much joy.

if you need us, we can be found in a pile of star wars dog toys that joe couldn't help but splurge on.