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happy birthday hunk

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joe's annual birthday fun facts: 


joe loves all dogs. doesn't matter what breed, he loves them all.  

joe likes pancakes for breakfast. preferably at paty's restaurant in toluca lake. 

joe's eyebrows are so prominent that he sometimes looks like he's frowning when he's not. resting bitch eyebrows? 

joe is incredibly good with people. my socially anxious self feels very secure when he's around.  

joe says "fo-ward" instead of "forward" and it drives both of us nuts.  

joe came up with the name for our dog "brando" through his love for the godfather and his italian heritage.  

joe loves a clean house but doesn't mind knick-knacks, which are his wife's arch nemesis.

joe reaches out for me in his sleep and often ends up on my pillow in the morning.  

joe is 27 today

joe is deeply loved


happy birthday, husband, handsome, hunk.