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mother's day: visiting my mom on tour

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this year's mother's day was very special, but unorthodox. not only did my mom and i celebrate mother's day early, but we celebrated in kansas city, missouri, a place I never thought i'd visit...

i'm sure you're sick of me mentioning it by now, but in case you don't know, my mom is in the national tour of 42nd st the musical. her tour is almost over, but I just had to go see her show. the difficulty is that her tour is only on the east coast this time and doesn't come anywhere close to california. so, joe and i chose kansas city (mostly because of a cheap deal on flights.).


our flight got in pretty late, but by the time we checked in to the hotel, mom's show was over so we hit the town. and by that I mean we had brussel sprouts and drinks at the yardhouse down the street. partaaaaaay! 


turns out, downtown KC is the cutest place! i was fully expecting to not enjoy the location for this trip, but boy was i was proven wrong! we stayed at this spectacular hotel that was built in 1931 and still had that art deco-gatsby feel. we took the free trolley all around town and visited the national world war I museum, (guess whose idea that was...) went to the river city market, and saw lots of trains. 


this was the brand new state-of-the-art theatre my mom performed in. super gorgeous. looked like the guggenheim inside. 


and then i finally got to see my mom in her dream job.

i don't have words sufficient enough to accurately communicate how this night made me feel. i was impressed by how hard she's worked. i was teary watching her accomplish a lifelong dream. i was beaming when the old lady sitting next to me whispered, "well, she's amazing!". i was sad for her as her tour is coming to a close and that this job isn't forever. but mostly, i was proud to be her daughter. 

i wanted to scream that's my mom!!! at the top of my lungs. 

this was the most special mother's day in my memory. i'm filing it away in the "safe keeping" folder of my brain.

oh, my birthday also falls on mother's day this year. so we get to share this day!


ma, i love you. thanks for creating me. you really are fantastic.