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around here lately // part two

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welcome back to scatterbrained: the blog! i'm just now finishing up part two of this "around here lately" series and as usual, it's much overdue. a lot of life has been happening and it's supposed to be life's off-season, amiright?

let's get started...


i got my hands on some awesome shots by my dear friend ricky chavez, creator extraordinaire, from a couple recent hollywood chamber orchestra concerts. i'm delighted to discover that my resting bitch face has graduated to a slight smile! not sure when that happened, but i welcome the change.


we went to vegas! it was my first time and we definitely did it right: with good friends who know how to vegas. you may recognize aaron & marissa from our orlando, florida trip. it's rare to find friends that you travel well with. these two are real treasures.


i once received a valentine's gift from a little student. it was a heart-shaped box filled with kit kats. it was the greatest student gift ever. i love kit kats. so. much.


hey! i played on a fun thing! halo wars 2 came out earlier this year, so i believe this was a session for an expansion of some sort, but i thoroughly enjoyed the challenging music and the enormous orchestra full of LA's finest musicians. the newman scoring stage at FOX has a soft spot in my heart, as it was the first stage I ever visited and david newman gave me a scholarship which is the only reason i was able to afford to attend university. happy happy.


our grammy nom certificates came in the mail! if you recall, a few years ago joe & i played on john daversa's progressive big band album Kaleidoscope Eyes: The Music of the Beatles which was nominated for several grammys. though we didn't win, you best believe we bought those nomination certificates to hang in the studio!


speaking of joe & i, we just celebrated 2 years of marriage! it feels like a long amount of time and a short amount of time depending on the day, but it's always a good feeling. it was the best thing i ever did and I'm so lucky to have snagged the world's best eyebrows for my own. people say to me all the time, "i can't imagine getting married so young!" and i just think it was easy. i found the world's greatest eyebrows and the rest was history


last but not least, baby kenna is 19! 

"NINETEEEEEEN! I'M A GRAAANDMUTHAAAA!" *in my best little blonde viner girl voice.*

i'm glad you're alive, sis. our world would be much less bright and fewer laughs would be had. i'm sorry for anyone that hasn't met you, because they don't know pure joy.